About Me

Who is LOCARB?

Adrian graduated with a BS in Social Science from San Francisco State University with a minor in Family and Consumer Sciences. Despite his education at SFSU, he’s always worked in the technology field since his first job of building computers at a small shop during high school, to working with a computer consulting company in San Francisco after graduation. He has since switched careers to one more aligned with his college education and is currently a stay at home dad to keep his three kids (ages 5, 7, and 9) sorted out at home while his loving and dutiful wife works to pay the bills (thanks wife!). He still loves tinkering around with electronics and gets happy when he can use them to minimize repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The microcontroller project that provided him the most joy (made by him): An internet connected, text and email messaging microprocessor controlled gopher killing machine, which has caused the gopher population trespassing his lawn to flee in terror and take refuge in his neighbors lawns instead (no-joke!).

His most entertaining microcontroller project (not made by him): A captive portal access-point made with an ESP8266 which faked being an open wifi hot-spot. Once the poor unsuspecting internet craved souls connected and agreed to the terms and conditions for free wifi, they would be served a video of Rick Astley instead (see more about this project here ESP-Captive-Portal).

What does Adrian want out of LOCARB?

Adrian just wants the vessel to make its trip to Hawaii. If LOCARB can do that, then he’ll consider the project a success and can die knowing he’s built a robot boat that sailed to Hawaii from San Francisco (and more importantly, done it for cheap!).

Has Adrian had any help with LOCARB?

Adrian is especially grateful for the correspondence with Damon from the Seacharger project, and Wayne from the Maker-Buoy project. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.