Captain’s Log 07/06 – 07/18

July 6, 2021

Changed the update interval to 8 hours and letting LoCARB drift. I don’t have any hope for any meaningful propulsion with the voltage as it is. I wonder where it will end up!

July 10, 2021

10:44 pm: Setting update interval to 6 hours. Will turn on backup thruster in the morning since there doesn’t seem to be any wind.

July 11, 2021

The Px4 Pixhawk 1 autopilot definitely has trouble when powered on for any long amount of time. When not rebooted after being powered on continuously it seems that after a day or two, it will lose its mind and decide to go the opposite of where it should.

My secondary thruster start procedure:

  1. Power cycle the PX4 to reset its sensors
  2. Reboot Arduino after the PX4 resets to resync serial communications (one sat message can do #1 and #2)
  3. Disable motor and monitoring
  4. Set Motor to 2nd backup motor and disable auto throttle
  5. Change to full throttle